Betty Jean Morgan Kirk

Knowing full well there have been many 'bridges crossed' and 'walls knocked down' when it comes to musical talents and accomplishments within the Morgan family....... I would like to dedicate this page to one of the two remaining living offspring of Edson and Alta Morgan and expound on some of her accomplishments and experiences.

Betty loved music, especially singing as a soloist and as a participant in choral settings. She studied and learned to play piano by taking lessons from her sister Helen. She also received private voice training from a professor at the Crane School of Music and after moving to Watertown, she took voice lessons there as well. Betty was a soloist with the Community Chorus for two years here in upstate New York.

Betty Jean Kirk and her family moved to Cleveland in 1960 where her husband Lee had secured employment.

In 1972 Betty auditioned for and was accepted to sing with the Cleveland Orchestra and Chorus.


During her tenure with the Cleveland orchestra many classical works were performed but a few that gained extremely high recognition were Verdi's Requiem Mass and Beethoven's Symphony No 8 and Symphony No 9 with the choral work 'Ode to Joy'.

Both of these concerts were performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City.


Click here for Carnegie's Requiem program. Click here for Carnegie's Beethoven program.

What would probably be considered as the most rewarding accomplishment of the orchestra/chorus during this time would be the professional recording of Orff's "Carmina Burana" in 1974.

It was nominated for three Grammy Awards and subsequently won that award.

Here is an aria from 'Carmina Burana' sung by Judith Blegen.

Here is the 'Carmina' program that was signed for Betty by Robert Page.


Good job Aunt Betty !!

Here is a picture of Betty and her two older sisters Ethel Matson and Olive Haggett.