Partial text of email from Bill Matson to Jack Morgan

"Attached is a photo of our Great-great Grandmother Lucretia Whiting Morgan Bell [1824-1915] (wife of our g-g grandfather Orin Morgan [1821-1867]). Both are buried in the Old Union Cemetery just off of Route 56 going towards Potsdam).

I believe the family history confirms that Orin committed suicide. Lucretia then remarried a Mr. Bell. I don’t think there were any children in that second marriage (Lucretia would have been in her 40’s when she remarried), but I’m not sure. Lucretia and Orin were the parents of our great grandfather Quartus Morgan.

In the picture are Lucretia and her great-grandchildren.

Back Row: Helen Morgan Breakey, Arthur Drew, Marion Drew, Edith Morgan, Pearl Powell, Ray Morgan

Front Row: Stewart Powell, Clyde Morgan, Great-Great Grandmother Morgan-Bell, Noble Powell"



L to R: Helen Breakey, Ethel Matson, Rena Morgan (Ethel holding Joan Morgan)

Marsh Family

Here’s another picture for you. This one is of our Grandmother Alta Marsh Morgan, her sister Grace Marsh McGee, and her brothers, Fred, Ray and Frank.

The original picture is not of good original quality – it’s a little blurry.

From left to right, Fred (I think), Grace (I’m certain), Frank (I’m certain), Alta (I’m certain) and Ray (I think).